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For ages the question has been asked, and answered, of which is better for the people, more or less government? This four minute video put out by BraveTheWorld on YouTube tackles that question head on and destroys the arguments that just about every big-government statist has.

She starts out asking the questions that most big-government types argue in order to expand the power of the government. Questions like “Who will build the roads?” and “Who will protect us from invasion?” are amongst roughly 10-15 questions she asks to set the tone.

She then argues that everything the government gets its hands into, it generally compounds the problems it set out to fix due to the amount of corruption that exists. She explains that in general people are good-natured and motivated by personal needs and wants so they’re much better suited to take on the problems than government is. “So why would you take that away and give it to an institution that doesn’t give a f–k?” She asked.

For the remainder of the video she references everything that the government has made worse rather than better. Arguing that the government stifles innovation and free-market competition through regulation and saying that minimum wage laws kill more jobs than they produce. She adds that it pays people to stay poor and punishes those who try to make something of themselves.

She talks about how the government subsidizes companies that are harmful to our health and poisons the water with fluoride, and also asks who would be there to spy on us if the government didn’t?

The video closes with the phrase “Which questions would you rather be asking?” on the screen.

In all, it’s four minutes of video that blows huge holes in the many arguments we face today with the ever-expanding government and the people who support it. We’re watching our liberty be destroyed by the very people sworn to preserve it all so that they can claim to be “helping” us, which we all know is a farce as we constantly suffer the effects from it.

What do you think, which questions  would you rather be asking? Sound off in the comments!

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