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Mises Institute | Political Correctness Gone Mad in Modern Academia

The following was recorded at the Mises Circle in Dallas-Fort Worth on October 3rd 2015.  It includes an introduction by Jeff Deist.

Political Correctness is Control, not Etiquette by Jeff Deist (Introduction)

How Universities Silence Truth by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Political Correctness and the Argument from Intimidation by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

The Egalitarian Menace by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

If you’d like more brilliant commentary on Political Correctness in modern society, visit my good friend, Evan Sayet’s website at: – Crowd Gasped When a Conservative Comedian Explained How Leftists Have Turned Thinking Into a Hate Crime

You can find his book on Amazon using the following link:

kindergaden_of_eden_bookKinderGarden Of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks | By: Evan Sayet
Evan Sayet YouTube Channel


Entire Playlist Here:

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